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Project Description
Simple File Verifier helps to create the CRC32 hash for a file or files satisfying a pattern in a directory. It also creates a SFV file with files and hashes.

Simple File Verifier by Ranjith Venkatesh

Simple File Verifier
Copyright © 2014

-o, --output Path to SFV File

-d, --directory Path to Directory

-f, --file Path to File

-p, --pattern Search pattern

-c, --check Check SFV File

-r, --recursive Look at subdirectories. Default: false. Options:

-l, --log Log file generated during check

-v, --verbose (Default: True) Prints all messages to standard output.

--help Display this help screen.


1. Display CRC32 Hash for file

SimpleFileVerifier -f "<<path>>\file.ext"

2. Create SFV file for files in directory satisfying pattern

SimpleFileVerifier -d "<<path>>" -p "*.ext" -o "<<path>>\output.sfv"

3. Create SFV file for files in directory with recursive check
SimpleFileVerifier -d "<<path>>" -r true -o "<<path>>\output.sfv"

4. Check SFV file and log it with OK, NOT OK and FILE NOT FOUND
SimpleFileVerifier -c "<<path>>\input.sfv" -l "<<path>>\sfv.log"

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Libraries used:
- CRC32 Hashes calculated using CodeFluent Runtime Client

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